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General Documents


PDF version - Click on the link

Our Aims

Aims & Principles PDF
Membership Application Form 2023-24

Membership Application PDF
New Members's Welcome Booklet

New Member's Booklet PDF
Poster for Ise Valley
Poster for Ise Valley

Pamphlet for Ise Valley
What is the Third Age?

Documents for Group Leaders

Document Description

PDF version - Click on the link

Group Leader's welcome pack
Group Leader's Full Pack PDF

Group Attendance Register - an example of how your Register might be set out.
Example Register Form PDF

Accident Report Form - any incident, no matter how trivial, should be reported
Accident Report Form PDF

Group Membership Form - should be filled in by all members when they join a group
Group Membership Form PDF
Group Member Etiquette - Guidelines to make for the smooth running of our groups for the benefit of ALL
It is strongly suggested each group member should have a copy
Group Member Etiquette PDF